‘…the highest quality and innovative design…’

Jeans were originally created as work wear but since their invention in 1871 they have slowly transitioned into a clothing staple that is a part of everyone’s wardrobe. With many jeans brands out there it is hard to know what makes a jean brand stand out from the crowd.

Big Star Jeans - Buying Show - Wholesale fashion

For Big Star Jeans this is not a problem, the jeans company started in 1979 and has been growing ever since. The brand promises the highest quality and innovative design, which are always growing and changing with the trends.

Since 2005, BIG STAR is a completely Polish company, providing stable employment for over 1200 employees every day, ensuring that the brand’s products meet the expectations of the next generation of customers. For BIG STARCustomers trust and loyalty is a commitment to deliver products in line with their expectations and corresponding to the trends that have changed over the years.

For nearly forty years the brand has been creating jeans and has now even grown into different types of apparel. With shoes, tshirts and jumpers now apart of the brand it is easy to see how far Big Star Jeans have come.

The jeans wear company has a huge focus on individuality. This has a huge effect on the creative process within the brand. Big Star wants every person to be able to express themselves within the clothes. All collections come in different cuts and colours so that each person can express what they want.

The brand has gone from basic denim to creating innovative new style jeans – with different types of washes, shapes, pockets and extreme finishes. They’ve even added a limited edition line with a vintage twist that has been aged to perfection for those looking for something that looks more lived in.

The diverse collections of the company target different needs, backgrounds and stages of life that their customers are at. This choice by Big Star has led them to become well known as a brand that allows people to express there self.

Big Star Jeans - Buying Show - Wholesale fashion

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