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‘…genuine jewellery with Swarovski Crystals…’

Bohemian Love Story is an exquisite Boutique that is the leading European manufacturer of White Label jewellery. With a passion for the obscure and the colourful nature of premium apparel the brand showcases their ability to create one of a kind adornments.

Bohemian Love Story designs and creates all of their pieces from hand and is renowned for their genuine jewellery with Swarovski Crystals. Whether it is a unique bridal gown to their unique headpieces you are guaranteed that each piece was made to your request. The brand prides themselves with their dedication to unique and personalized orders.

The brands work is as unique as their name, the culture around their business and products is to
Create and inspire memories that will last a lifetime. The collection is meant to be more than the piece you are wearing, it inspires wonder and joy, a brand for girls and women that live life passionately.

Bohemian Love Story strives for on its bold details and use of colour choice, creating gorgeous handmade pieces that you are comfortable in, which can be worn in whichever setting is suited to the customer. One of the most original and striking things about the brand is how it creates a sense of wonder and passion into everything you do. The collection is targeted for women and girls that what to be themselves and enjoy the openness of freedom.

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