“…Founded in 1939, this Italian heritage watch brand quickly became part of the country’s aesthetic zeitgeist…”

Breil has a strong commitment to Italian character, and has structured its branding around this ideal. This is particularly exemplified in their 90’s ad campaigns, featuring celebrities such as Monica Bellucci, Shana, and Carré Otis. Strength, sensuality, boldness; these attitudes – shown through the tough, unisex elegance typical of the brand – were well suited to this decade, where women’s empowerment was becoming cemented following the upheaval of the 80’s.

Masculine Meets Feminine: Aesthetics

The key to Breil’s success is its mixing of masculine and feminine design elements. By taking a look traditionally associated with  ‘menswear’ – strong, silver design, a large, easily legible watch-face, and solid metal construction – and marketing it also as unisex, they defied the norms of the watch industry, opening up an entirely new customer base. Particularly relevant in the latter half of the 20th century and coming into the last two decades; women have consistently sought to present themselves in a way that maintained a balance between strength and femininity. Co-opting menswear accessories is a simple but powerful way to portray strength in an outfit.  

Design and Materials

Breil products offer a variety of styles, depending on the unique expression of the wearer. The jewelry is set in steel and has a choice of 83 different stones, while the watches are available in every style from sports to evening-wear.

Every care is taken during the design and manufacturing process to create products of the highest quality. Steel settings provide durability and an iconic, strong look.

Manta City still life

A Lifestyle Brand

Although they originally specialized in watches, Breil wanted to expand on the products that it made available to its consumers. The company had developed such a strong branding strategy, it seemed only natural to begin serving other aesthetic needs of its consumers.

In 2001 they launched their first jewel collection. Inspired by the classic aesthetic of their watches; steel was a starring component in the design.

In 2009 the Bloom Collection was released; a culmination of the two lines (watch and jewel), with a jewelry collection specifically designed to be worn together with the brands watches; collaborating with and enhancing the beauty of both pieces.

“My Breil” Campaigns

In 2002 the ‘Don’t Touch My Breil’ campaign began, intended to bring greater international awareness to the brand. This campaign slogan continues into the marketing in the present day.

In 1994 this campaign launched with the phrase ‘Take Anything but My Breil’. This phrase was indicative of the kind of bond the company aims to build between its customer base and their watches. Built to last; a Breil watch was an investment piece, intended to survive the tests of time not only in terms of longevity, but also style.


Collaboration with Buying Show


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