‘…stylish garments for function, comfort and leisure…’

DRESP is premium quality and high-end activewear for women from Berlin. Since its founding in 2015 the brand has fused together a playful elegant design that allows the wearer to look stunning whilst being functionally sound.

Whether it is for yoga, working out at the gym, fitness to a wild night out you can rely on DRESP to provide not only the superior details needed for sport, but also an elegant cut that shows off the hard work you have been doing in it. The garments are both seductive bodywear and considered athletic lingerie for a reason, to allow you to work your body and looking good doing it.

DRESP takes pride in their sports activewear through designing it in such a way that you could not only look good, but feel good within any situation. Whether you wear you want it that occasion for your weekly fitness, out on the town in party wear or casual wear at the same time.

Designer Sandra Dresp has been designing body-hugging sportswear for 5 seasons and has been developing the stylish garments for function, comfort and leisure. You certainly feel the elegance through each piece especially the sports-bras and leggings, which are designed to be visible under the most elegant of dresses and tops, whether it is on a run or in the ballroom.

From the very beginning DRESP takes pride in focusing on producing high-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking sports clothing-materials. Throughout the collection you see the quality craftsmanship that has the highest of detail to breath life into the feminine frame whilst made for functionality.
The activewear collection ranges from bras, tights, tops, swimsuits to bikinis and jackets.
DRESP respects the importance of local businesses and utilizes this to their advantage by designing and producing their collection through Portugal and Germany which supports the local workshops.

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