Hip and Bone

…This Canadian Menswear brand is constantly seeking to revitalize the modern wardrobe, without falling prey to of-the-moment trends…

With the rise of ‘sneaker-head’ culture and the influence of Kayne’s brand ‘Yeezy’ in elevating shapewear into couture fashion, Hip and Bone are perfectly positioned to capture the casual menswear market.

…Designer Carlos Fogelman had a vision of a fashion brand which would be ‘understated standout pieces’…

Although the relaxed-fit, semi-athleisure wear niche that they occupy is increasingly becoming the ‘mode du moment’, when the brand was established in early 2010 the designer Carlos Fogelman had a vision of a fashion brand which would be ‘understated standout pieces’. This ethos – comfortable, understated elegance – proved to be well ahead of its time, and the fashion industry has only just begun to catch up in the last few years.

With the brand seen on celebrities such as Ryan Gosling, Jason DeRulo, and 2 Chainz, there is no doubt that Hip and Bone is a brand with staying power. The quality of materials, comfortable silhouettes, and a unilateral commitment both visually and personality-wise to their brand message, has resulting in an incredibly resilient brand, defining the future of men’s fashion for the upcoming decade.

Hip and Bone

We’ve spoken about athleisure and how the rise of normcore is influencing fashion. Hip and Bone is exemplary of this trend. We particularly like their series of drop-crotch joggers; which feel  versatile and well suited to the current fashion climate. Pair them with a plain white tee for a classic athleisure look, or with a crisp button-down shirt for a casual and contemporary office wear outfit.

Are you inspired by Hip and Bone’s approach to casual, contemporary sportswear? Are you interested in collaborating with the brand and stocking their designs in your store? We can help! Hip and Bone stocks their products on our digital marketplace, so all you need to do is request a retailer account to our platform (it’s free!), and you can instantly connect with them and place orders. Simple!

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