New Pop Collection



Established in 2004, New Pop Collection is a labour of love for husband and wife duo Stefano and Lucia. With a keen eye for the feminine silhouette and impeccable taste in handicraft, New Pop Collection creates stunningly hand-embroidered, one-of-a-kind pieces for the modern woman.



Embellishments have a long history in the fashion world. Dating back as far as 30,000 BC, embellishments in their various forms have been used to adorn, exalt, sanctify and signify. In modern times, many higher-end fashion brands are returning to the use of embellishments, in contrast to the overly and overtly simplified style of the current ‘Mode du prolétariat’. So too do New Pop Collection’s embellishments elevate their garments from simple dresses to high-quality evening gowns; reactionary luxe in a fashion climate focussed on a pointedly bland aesthetic.

…reactionary luxe in a fashion climate focussed on a pointedly bland aesthetic…



Embroidery has been used for a variety of purposes dating back eons. From pure gold threads adorning a mural, to the colourful designs typical of South American, to the modern-day revival of ‘kitsch’ which has seen an uptick in profane statements embroidered on outerwear, embroidery has always been used as a means of signifying the social status or beliefs of the person wearing it.

New Pop Collection



Sequins are small, disc shaped beads. In earlier times they were made of hammered, reflective metals, however today they are most commonly made from plastic. Plastic allows for a variety of colours, reflectiveness levels, and shapes, as well as making them much lighter weight than their historical counterparts.

Originally sequins were in fact coins, used to denote the wealth of the wearer. The origin of the word ‘sequin’ can be found in the Arabic work ‘sikka’ and the Italian ‘zecchino’, which loosely translate to ‘coin’. The patterns used on New Pop’s garments are carefully thought out, following the natural and figure-flattering lines of the female body. Utilizing plain fabrics, and creating pattern through embellishment, allows for more flexibility of the cut underneath, ensuring New Pop’s dresses can be flattering for many shapes and sizes.

Are you inspired by New Pop Collection’s use of embellishment? Want to stock their designs in your boutique? New Pop Collection can be contacted through the Buying Show platform, and you can easily and quickly order their designs. Just request a free retailers account with us, and connect with New Pop Collection today.

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