Unique Nonconformity

‘…an endearing juxtaposition of work wear and complete nonconformity.’

Milan based designer Fabio Carminati founded, Officine Federali, a fine leather bags company in 2013. Having spent years working in the fashion industry he garnered a huge expertise in bag and leather design by working for brands like Armani, Hugo Boss and Moleskin.

Officine Federali is hugely influenced by the beauty of work wear and work tools.  Fashion and workwear have been hugely intertwined in recent years, from high fashion to their high street counterparts: workwear is seen everywhere.


Though workwear has influenced a lot of fashion trends in recent years it is the craftsmanship inspired by workwear that sets Officine Federali apart from other bag brands.

The workwear influence is seen in every aspect of the design process: from initial idea, prototype to the final product.  Each product is crafted with durable materials, which creates the fashionable iconic bag look.

Authentic and Free

The longevity of these influences are seen in almost all aspects of the design process but especially so in the craftsmanship. All the bags created at Officine Federali are handcrafted with longwearing materials. This key design feature helps create the iconic and effortless look of the collections; although the brand started off creating just bags they are now expanding into other accessories which all have the same craftsmanship of the brand showcased in new ways.

Officine Federali believes that craftsmanship is the best and most effective way to convey passion and product culture. Through blending of traditional production techniques and materials with technical fabrics the brand is able to create high functioning urban products for the modern age.

One of the most unique aspects of the brand is the choice to make the collections not only genderless but also without a particular season in mind. All the bags are created to be worn anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Officine Federali promotes a lifestyle of authenticity, they want the wearer to be free to do anything and the product helps them achieve this.

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