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‘… spanish fashion brand presents it`s gorgeous seasonal collections…’

Tantra is a Spanish fashion Brand of Clothes and Accessories which established in 1999 starting humbly with pashmina, wool and cashmere shawls, along with beautiful accessories, bags, sandals and necklaces for all women that wish to be elegant, yet comfortable at any occasion.

Spanish fashion brand
Spanish fashion brand, Clothes and Accessories

The Brand…

… has a collection for any season, they take pride in making you not only look good but feel good throughout the year, no matter the weather. Throughout the years Tantra has been displaying their gorgeous seasonal collections within many fashion shows which include Who’s Next – a Pret a Porter in Paris, Macef, Milano Vende Moda in Italy, Pure in London, Bisutex and Madrid Fashion Fair in Spain. 

The Brand works round the clock and develops four Collections every Year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with 150 to 200  Sku each one. The brand splits their collection into two separate ranges, one part of the Collection is Tantra, casual wear, for the day to day and the other is Chic By Tantra, for events and more formal occasions. Their goal is focusing on producing garments that women that wish to have strong style, Fashionable, comfortable and Elegant no matter what they are doing that day.

Tantra’s goal is to produce elegant, fashionable and comfortable garments you can wear throughout the year. Tantra has taken their brand from humble beginnings to now be showcased on some of the best fashion pages online, you can also find their brand all over the world including five hundred retail shops and department stores.

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