‘…creating exciting outwear by combining minimalist styling with a new graphic dimension.’

No matter how full ones closet is, the urge to buy a new coat every season (or even more than once a season) remains strong. The weather commands our need to stay warm but also fashionable. But of course, coats are like going to your favourite restaurant no matter how many times you look at the menu you always end up picking your favourite dish. With coats, this is the case for most of us, we pick a style/colour/designer we like and we repeat this style of coat for each season.

Here at Buying Show we want to help showcase different styles of coats available on the market and how there is a coat for every occasion.  Our Featured brand this week is UPTOBE.

UPTOBE is a contemporary coat company founded in Italy in 2012.  Though a relatively young brand, it showcases throughout the international fashion scene with their show stopping coats.

One of the things that set this brand apart from other outerwear companies is their strong focus on research within the creative process. If you look at each coat created by the brand individually you would see the research and inspiration, which then created the final piece.  UPTOBE takes cues and references from the past as well as many different cultures and then uses these influences to create their signature collections.

Though the brand is seen to be looking back at coats and culture through history to create their coats, they are also a strong advocate of experimentation with innovative styles and materials.

Outwear is the first thing you see on a person, it is no longer a garment just to cover up from the elements but a way of expressing yourself. One of UPTOBE’s goals is to create exciting outwear which is eye catching and fashionable. With this goal in mind it is easy to assume that the brand creates outlandish designed coats that are more avant garde than functional.

With UPTOBE this is not the case, they create exciting outwear by combining minimalist styling with new graphic dimension, details, volumes and textures.  This combination is the guiding idea of the brands newest collection – tailored and colourful – which is truly an expression of Italian style.

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