Event | Buying Show Presented At Panorama Berlin Pt.1

‘…an overview of the most important trends and direction of the upcoming season. ‘

Panorama Berlin is a trade show, which holds an overview of the most important trends of the upcoming season. The event was held over a three day period, from 16-18th of January 2018, the event was focused on and not limited to the fall/winter trends of 2018 -2019.

At Buying Show we are no strangers to a fashion trade show however this time we were not only visiting but also showcasing with a booth of our own. Our booth was situated at the Fashion Tech hall, the hall showcased the best and up incoming fashion technology based companies.

As well as showcasing our company we where also lucky enough to see some of the brands featured on our platform showcasing at the event also.

Bench, one of our most recently featured brands, were just one of the brands on our platform that had a booth at Panorama Berlin. Bench showcased its most recent collections in both men’s and women’s wear. Along side the collections the brand had also created a interactive light installation, visitors at the trade show where able to step inside a wonderful light projection room. The main feature in the installation room was three white Bench t-shirt’s, which became the backdrop for projections of different Bench campaigns and artworks. Through the projections these simple bench T-shirts where able to showcase so much more than if they where just shown simple hanging.

Another brand that is a part of our platform that showcased at Panorama Berlin was Hip and Bone. Hip and Bone revives the modern man’s wardrobe with an array of redefined basics. Designed to endure changing tastes and fashions, Hip and Bone fuses luxurious materials with relaxed silhouettes to be enjoyed in an everyday setting. Conscious of the aesthetic of his external canvas, the Hip and Bone man’s wardrobe is replete with understated standouts. The Hip and Bone collection sets the standard in the contemporary sportswear market.

It was great seeing our friends from Mondetta Performance Gear or MPG at Panorama Berlin. MPG is a clothing brand that fuses fashion with everyday functionality. The merging of fitness and everyday wear has been a huge trend in the last few years with no signs of it seeming to decline. MPG pioneered the concept of a clothing line that seamlessly transitions between workout and everyday wear. MPG blurs the line of fashion and active wear.

Andrew Charles is the creation of fashion designer & musician Andy Hilfiger. Inspired by years at the centre of fashion and music, Andrew Charles is a contemporary-priced apparel and accessories collection that is stylish, contemporary & brilliant, with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. The personality of the collection reflects Andy’s fashionable lifestyle, resulting in a unique, yet complementary collection of vibrant colours, signature patterns & attractive styles. Andrew Charles is a relatively new brand on our platform and we where happy to see what the brand has planned for the newest season.

Mellow Yellow Paris has barely been around a decade, yet the shoes and accessories brand has become a key feature of the Parisian and international fashion scene. Its status as a leading player has been earned thanks to its unique, trendsetting style, adopted right from the outset. By naming the brand after the song by sixties musical sensation, Donovan, Bruno Van Gaver gave it an energy that combined pop and colour, making it stand out and guaranteeing its success, year after year. Our friends over at Mellow Yellow Paris, let us snap a few photos of their up coming season, see pictures below!

Since its creation in 1979 Big Star has been driven to create high quality jeans, throughout its 40 year growth the brand has branched out into more clothing which was showcased beautifully at the Panorama Berlin trade show. With a big booth the brand was able to showcase all of its newest collections from the iconic jeans to their shoe line. Here at Buying Show we where able to see what they have planned for the new seasons and speak with the lovely team.

Geographical Norway showcased their Spring/Summer as well as their Autumn/Winter collection, both of the seasons  where broken up into themes. In the A/W collection their was a strong focus on the wilderness and outdoors, there was a variety of fleeces, parkas and jumpers all with the signature Geographical Norway logo embossed on it. The Spring/Summer collection was spread out under the themes of the Summer activities that are most popular at that time of year – Yatchting, Sport Chic, Summer Fashion. The Spring/Summer collection consisted of light wear fashion – polo shirts, shorts, light jackets and swimwear. We where also very lucky to see the accessories line for 2018 with now not only shoes but luggage as well.

Like these brands? You can connect with them and other brands like it through our digital fashion platform! Go to the link below!