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With fashion week just past it’s a time when all of us begin to look to the future and what we will be wearing next season, what are the fashion do’s and don’ts, which designers will be pinning after. Though this is a feeling many of us are familiar with at Buying Show we want to take the stress out of the next season by giving you an insight into the brands and trends to look out for in the up coming season.

Though this post strictly focuses on menswear we will also be doing a women’s wear edit shortly.

One of the main trends of the 2018 seasons is retro styling, it is looking at all the classic silhouettes of the 40s and 50s which create that signature style for the modern age.

One of the many brands on our platform that is showcasing this retro style with their upcoming collection it Nikolaj D’Etoiles. The menswear brand uses the classic tailoring of 50s and adds their own twist to it through subtle colour and tones.

See below the Hector Suit, this suit also features a material, which is another trend for 2018 – tweed.  Though the combing of trends can often be terrible, Nikolaj combines them in a contemporary and fashion forward way. This classic bold checked tailored double-breasted blazer is made from merino wool tweed. The suit is designed for a slim fit with peaked lapels and two side flap pockets and a double vent. These design features help in creating the overall retro styling of the suit and to complete the overall look of the suit.

Another huge trend of the upcoming seasons is sportswear worn as everyday fashion. With cycling shorts being a key piece on the Louis Vuitton catwalk it’s easy to see how high fashion style will filter down to the different areas of fashion.  Sportswear as everyday wear is not a new trend however it seems to be all encompassing for 2018. We have many lifestyle and athletic wear brands on our platform, however we have chosen to this week to speak about in this insight.

MPG is a sportswear brand that creates the effortless style through its simple geometric shapes. The brand holds both mens and womens wear clothing, though this insight is focused on menswear these key signature pieces could be worn by either gender.

The third trend we are going to highlight in this fashion insight is the trend of simple, clean cut shapes in garments. This is something which is quite a drastic change from the other trends of this season.

ATM, short for Anthony Thomas Melillo, who is a CFDA nominated designer who started the brand in 2012. The brand has a focus on contemporary classic looks; from choice of colour and materials you can see how this brand creates looks that are on trend for this year.

The last trend we wish to talk about is the reemergence of large jewellery – from watches, cufflinks to necklaces. For 2018 it seems that the bigger the better.

The brand Breil has this trend down to a fine art with its stylish watches and jewelry. Breil is Italian brand, which has a distinctive design using stainless steel. Get a head of the trends and take a look at our selection of Breil watches.

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