Blooming Dahlia

Left: Desiree  Lupi Bag | Victoria Pink
Right: Metal Chord Earrings | Fashion Pink


Chances are you’ve come across this phrase a number of times in the last few years…

Apple Millennial Pink

| 2010 |

Design sensibilities world-wide took a turn for the minimalist, likely in a reflexive action against the overwrought, too-colourful designs of the previous decade. Think the Apple logo, and how it differs now compared to in the nineties and early ‘oughts.


Tumblr Millennial Pink

| 2012 |

Millennial Pink was first referred to as ‘Tumblr Pink’, and gained prominence around 2012 in the aesthetic blogging community. The shade – soft, muted, a little warm – was a way to inject a small amount of colour into an otherwise desaturated, minimalist aesthetic without feeling overbearing.

Grand Budapest Millennial

| 2014 |

It was further strengthened in 2014 with the release of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ – a film which, coupled with its fastidious adherence to symmetry, used the a soft, desaturated pink as the main colour in its palette.

Rose Quartz Pantone

| 2016 |

Pantone named ‘Rose Quartz’ as colour of the year for 2016, and this set off the round of all-pink-all-the-time that we find ourselves in today. Established clothing brands such as Acne make frequent use of a derivation of the shade, as does breakout makeup brand Glossier – famously one of the most ‘grammable’ make up brands available today.


In the latest colour forecast for the upcoming season, Pantone has named ‘Blooming Dahlia’ the latest iteration of this (rapidly becoming) classic shade. Slightly peachier than it’s predecessor, Blooming Dahlia and variations thereof have been seen in a number of high-profile collections for Spring/Summer.

Traditionally this sugary, pastel hue would be used for tea dresses and peter-pan collar blouses, but in 2018 we will see the colour used in much more creative ways. There has been a rapid destigmatization of the colour pink, and it’s now considered a unisex colour by many fashion and style influencers. Millennial Pinks appear as hefty puffer jackets, crisp work pants, soft multi-layered chiffon dresses, tough worker boots, and much more.

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