Helen, a french blogger living in London illustrates on her Instagram account “as_a_muse” the link between art and fashion in a very creative way. We asked her about what inspires her and where you can find art in fashion.

As A Muse

When did you start blogging on Instagram? And why?

I launched As A Muse one year ago. I was in need of creating something, having my own project.

Your Instagram account @as_a_muse focuses on the link between art and fashion in beautiful collages, how did you come up with this idea?

Thank you! Several months before launching As A Muse, I started working for a British designer who draws her inspiration from pieces of art. I found it amazing. I made some researches and I realised that art was actually very present in fashion, much more than I thought. I decided to share it and As A Muse was born!

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

How does your interest in fashion come from and what does art mean to you?

My father is passionate about art and he brought me to a lot of art exhibitions when I was younger. I assume it is the reason why I am very sensible to it today. My interest in fashion came later, when I was studying in Business School. I did my first internship at the buying department of a famous French luxury department store. I realised that fashion is very creative. Each brand has its own universe, its own DNA, I was fascinated.

What have art and Fashion in common? Is fashion art? Or is art just in fashion?

I think what art and fashion – I am talking about luxury fashion and Haute-Couture – have in common is the creation, the savoir-faire and they both seek beauty. Is fashion art? It is a good question. Fashion is artistic but I don’t think fashion is art. In fashion, you have seasonality and trends, fashion designers have to respect the DNA of a brand and the creations are made with the aim of being worn.

Sometimes the links between art and fashion are obvious sometimes they are very subtle. According to which criteria are you choosing the outfits and artworks in your collages? How do you find the perfect matches?

My first criteria is veracity. I want to make sure that the fashion designer was really inspired by the piece of art I am talking about. I want to give a correct information. I am not an expert so I make a lot of researches. Another important thing for me is to create something aesthetic.

Your movie?

The last movie I watched was La La Land and I loved it!

Your song?

Future Generations is my band of the moment!

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

A photo posted by A S A M U S E (@as_a_muse) on

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