Our Year

With the year coming to a close and Christmas approaching, it is that time again which gives cause to reflect on the past year.

Here at Buying Show we have achieved many a number of great things in 2017.  Some of the things we are most proud of in achieving for the brands on our platform is our entrance into the Russian market and the collaboration with leading retailers that came with that growth.

We are also proud of our increase in high quality retailers that have joined our network: AboutYou, ASOS, lamoda, Mirapodo and Dafiti, to name a few and welcome them to the platform.  We are excited to see what we shall achieve together in 2018.

Another proud achievement is our guaranteed sales of available discounted inventory to the leading German e-commerce shopping club – brands4friends.

Buying Show has also seen a lot of growth this year with plenty of new features being added to the site that have provided a higher efficiency to brands and retailers who use our platform.

We have also had a huge push this year in promoting all our subscribing brands to our retailers; both brands and retailers have been able to find and collaborate together through our platform.

…the platform has also seen a lot of growth this year…

It has been a great year for our brands but let’s not forget all the things we have achieved for our retailers in 2017. Three of our biggest achievements for our retailers is that we were able to increase the number of special buying opportunities, the number of brands which are offered exclusively on our platform and the availability of competitive brands’ inventories for immediate delivery.

With the year coming to a close it is important to us to look back at all we have achieved in 2017 and more importantly, to look to the future and what we plan to achieve in 2018. For us at Buying Show we are excited to go into the New Year with even more brands and retailers on our platform and cannot wait to share with you what we have planned for the New Year.

To everyone who is a part of our platform; brand, retailer, employee or follower, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.