Serge de Nîmes | DENIM

Denim Blue Jeans are a wardrobe staple.
Popular amongst nearly all ages, professions, and genders, they are a fundamental part of the modern wardrobe…


‘Denim’ is a warp-facing indigo/white twill weave textile. It is thought to have taken it’s name from an evolution of the term ‘’serge de Nîmes’’, or ‘’serge (the particular two-up, two-down twill weave used for denim jeans) of Nîmes’’; a French city historically known for its textiles. The name ‘’denim’’ refers specifically to the indigo/white twill weave associated with blue jeans, however the term ‘’jeans’’ is now used as a catchall for any cut or colour of pant made from a twill weave.


Due to the massive success and popularity of jeans, many manufacturers are looking to further their development of the garment. The main areas of focus for innovation are performance, comfort, and sustainability. Blending cotton with other yarns such as elastane, Lyrcra, or Spandex, can give a more flexible and supportive fit, or the jeans can be produced using a percentage of recycled textiles, to lower the amount of waste involved in production.

Denim Trends

Double Denim

Autumn 2017 sees the return of some key jeans trends, including the denim-on-denim made iconic during the 20th century. Several brands put forward double-denim looks for their pre-fall collections, including Ulla Johnson and Jeremy Scott.

Be sure to play with washes, weights, textures, and colours when styling this trend. It can be interesting to pair a darkwash jean with a black denim jacket, or layer multiple shades of lightwash denim.

Big Star, a Polish-owned brand, believes strongly in the value that denim jeans have in the modern wardrobe. Well received throughout Europe and Asia, the brand focuses on creating a variety of modern-classic denim jeans.

Skinny Jeans

For those who prefer a slimmer line, the skinny jean style is still going strong. Slim fit jeans paired with a crisp white shirt and boots is a classic, unisex look enjoying another strong season in Autumn 2017

9punto2 is a brand rooted in Italian culture. Founded in 2003, 9punto2 creates high quality jeans, as well as a selection of shirts and polos utilizing innovative fits and fabrics. Produced and sourced entirely in Italy, 9punto2 is representative of a longstanding love of craftmanship, fashion trends, and Italian values.

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