Gleni Exotic Leather


Leather goods, such as accessories, shoes, and jackets, are produced from the skin or ‘hide’ of an animal. ‘Hide’ has its origins in the German word ‘Haut’, meaning ‘skin’. Animal hides have been an important part of clothing since prehistoric times, long before humanity discovered more sophisticated methods of textile product such as knitting and weaving. Leather is warm, flexible, weather resistant, and incredibly long wearing, especially when compared to many synthetic textiles popular today. Additionally the use of ‘exotic leathers’ a.k.a hides from animals other than the traditional cows, deer, etc, can provide excellent and unique patterns to the hide, without the need for chemical dyes or screen printing.


In the 20th and 21st century there has been a backlash against the use of leather in the fashion industry. Most ubiquitous of course is PETA’s 1994 campaign “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”, protesting the cruel harvest techniques used by leather and fur manufacturers. In present times there is also an environmental concern; as leather production has increased – in response to an overall global increase in the pace of fashion – it has begun to harm wildlife populations.

The CITES certificate permits the re-export of exotic leather from which a specific item has made. This certificate confirms whether the skin is farmed leather or hunted wild. It subjects international trade of exotic animal leathers to certain controls, and ensures that species threatened with extinction are either entirely unused, or only used sparingly, in exotic leather production.

GLENI: Exotic Leather


GLENI has produced handbags and accessories since 2006. 100% Made In Italy, all their exotic leathers are certified and do not threaten wild populations. This brand focuses strongly on the tradition of Italian craftmanship, as well as quality of design. Made from python, crocodile, ostrich, and anaconda, the bags are timeless classics with a positive message.

All their exotic leather bags are CITES certified and they take great pains to ensure that their production does not threaten wild populations. GLENI’s approach to exotic leathers is that by popularizing certified leathers, they are shedding light on the issue of illegal trading, as well as taking money away from businesses that procure their exotic leathers through less legal and more environmentally damaging channels.

GLENI’s range exotic leather bags and clutches are available for ordering on the Buying Show platform. If you are inspired by this brands take on exotic leather, and want to stock their designs in your store, you can easily and quickly request a free retailers account with us and connect with GLENI today!

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