So called ‘smart textiles’ are becoming increasingly popular as the wearable tech industry expands. Smart textiles can mean anything from fabric woven with photo-luminescent thread, a fabric which can charge electronic devices with the heat of your body, or textiles woven or imprinted with conductive materials to allow you to use your touchscreen phone through them.

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Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the smartphone industry has come to be completely dominated by capacitive, touch-screen style tablet phones. It is virtually impossible to operate with a phone in the present day without using touch-screen technology. To that end there has been a rise in apparatuses and garments that allow the user to use their touch screen more easily.

One area of particular note is gloves which allow the wearer to operate their smartphone through the fabric; this is an area of particular importance for people who live in cold climates and don’t want to remove their gloves every time they need to send a text or answer a phone call. Touch screens work by sensing the electricity conducted through your skin. Electricity is often hampered by insulating cloth, and this is why traditional gloves cannot be used with smartphones.

Initially most touchscreen gloves had a patch of conductive material sewn into the fingertips, however this often significantly shortened the life of the fabric beneath it. The evolution of this method was to include conductive threads in the weaving process of the gloves, and this can be very effective, however it is limited in its use to only gloves made using a knitted technique. Most recently there have been advances in touch capable leather gloves, wherein the leather is imbued with silver nano-particles. This means the entire glove is touch capable, not a specific area, and also that the gloves do not need to be as form fitting, as the leather can conduct electricity from any part of your hand to the fingertip.


This Made In Italy brand seeks to bring colour and originality of design to the world. All their products are made with respect to Italian craftmanship and traditional techniques, with incredibly high quality leathers and a luxurious cashmere lining. The bright colours, unique design, and nanoparticle, touch capable gloves, mark gLOVEme apart not only from the traditional glove aesthetics, but also show their commitment to technological development, and providing their customers with a garment that is not only beautifully crafted, but also functional for everyday life.

gLOVEme’s latest range of premium and touch capable gloves are available for ordering on the Buying Show platform. If you are inspired by this brands take on the ‘touch glove’, and want to stock their designs in your store, you can easily and quickly request a free retailers account with us and connect with gLOVEme today!

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